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Ignore and break any sort of fashion rule you hear.

melina kanakaredes fake nude top ranked porn sites is an 18 year old aspiring photographer from Ohio. Her online portfolio can be viewed at teen night clubs ct.

free male sex cams selena gomez sex video Tell us a little bit about yourself and where your city.

sexy hot naked men I go by Crystal Wood and I come from an average size city in the average state of Ohio. I can't really say that we Ohioans are known for our upbeat fashion sense but we get by. I love my city don't get me wrong, but personal style here isn't really a main concern it seems. The city of Toledo, OH seems almost asleep to the amazing and ever-changing world of fashion around them. Almost all my exposure to styling and the fashion world has come through the world wide web and my vast amounts of subscriptions to Harpers Bazaar, Lucky, Vogue and other magazines.

Looking back on photos of myself from my childhood I see I was this horribly awkward child basically born with glasses and standing at about 5 ft tall while in kindergarten. Once jr. high hit I thought it would be a smart idea to try the goth scene/look for a while and I guess from then on my personal style just went crazy. After that experience I kind of formed an obsession to set myself apart when it comes to style and to stray from the ordinary norm which was expected here in Toledo. Once I grew out of my black band t-shirts and chained pants a love for dresses and unique clothing caught my attention and from then on I was sold to fashion. My mother's fashion magazines became my best friends and the local thrift store became my second home.

This fall I begin my college experience after just recently graduating from high school this past year. I'm planning on studying graphic design and somehow incorporating it with my love for photography. The future at the moment is still a bit hazy but I figure I'm still young and my direction will grow more focused in the upcoming years.

girls stripping totally naked Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.

redheads in the nude Here in Ohio you aren't rewarded with a vast expanse of chic boutiques and underground vintage paradises; rather, you have the mall and the Target down the road. I had a desire to find more unique pieces to add to my wardrobe and this led me to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army for salvation; this is where my true love and unknown talent for thrifting and cheap buys began. A true fashionista to me is someone who can take pieces that are everyday and ordinary and make them look chic and sophisticated. I aim for that when I dress myself each morning and sometimes I succeed, sometimes not so much.

When getting dressed I usually pick one item I'd like to wear that day and then form an outfit around that piece, whether it be a skirt, a dress, a blouse or whatever.

non nude foot fetish Favorite designers and places to shop?

sex with 2 men In the fashion world I've often debated with myself again and again what designer it was that always tickled my fancy or got me excited when a new line was released. After much debate I'm utterly convinced that there will not be a Proenza Schouler collection that I don't enjoy. Looking at photos of pieces from the Fall 2008 collection almost makes me drool, it's so beautiful it hurts. The designers' smart use of color and great eye for details is one that I admire.

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forced lesbian pussy eating My favorite place to shop is without a doubt my Goodwill. I call it "mine" solely because it has yet to let me down. I often find so many possibilities that I have to put clothes back because I don't have enough money. I somehow manage to always come out with a bagful of goodies that I can't wait to style once I get home. Put me in any thrift store and I usually go crazy. You'll often times just see a tall skinny black girl laden down with an armful of clothing whizzing through the racks.

romantic sex videos online A fashion rule you always break:

oral sex hiv statistics I'm not sure if its a spoken rule or a supposed known rule, but time after time I break the no mixing brown and black rule. To me the colors seem to perfectly complement each other.

free amiture sex video Favorite colour of the moment:

emo girls nude pictures Purple has become my new addiction. My closet, which is painstakingly sorted by color by my sister, has started to grow in subtle amounts concerning all that is plum or a deep magenta. A dark purple emits mystery and romance to me and I love including it somewhere in my daily outfit. My all time favorite piece of clothing is a vintage blazer that is made out of the best dark purple velvet. I found it in my sister and I's old dress up bin from our childhood along with several other pieces that I adore.

burning penis during sex What do you think is the most underrated item in menswear and womenswear?

rough sex free pics A good pair of frames/eye-wear. Glasses are the ultimate accessory!

wild thing 2 sex What is your next "must have" purchase?

sex with nurse video My next "must have" purchase would probably have to be a pair of high-waisted wide-legged trousers. Skinny jeans have been and always will be a fashion staple but this fall I'm ready to supersize things. Wide-legged pants, over-sized blazers, mens sweaters worn as dresses and soft blouses are all on my list of clothing to stock up on this upcoming fall season.

teen girls taking showers A friend of mine for years had recommended the 1977 film Annie Hall for me to watch and boy was I ever grateful that I did. After watching the film I couldn't get over Diane Keaton's wardrobe full of vintage menswear pieces. She sported baggy pants, neck ties, vests and blazers and made it work without appearing messy. The movie caused me to fall in love with mens wear inspired pieces and instantly raid my brothers closet, praying I'd find something good. Since then I've grown a small collection of blazers that can add instant Annie Hall inspiration to almost any outfit.

amature home porn free What's on your iPod / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?

dad daughter porn tube Lately I've been loving with no restraint any sort of dub or reggae music. My boyfriend once called me Bob Marley's long lost daughter and to an extent I agree. I've been listening to artists such as Horace Andy, The African Brothers, King Tubby and Stephen Marley on repeat for the past couple of weeks and it never seems to get old.

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girls on guys porn On the other side of the coin there is nothing that gets me as much as some good old time jazz. I'm a lover of classics such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerad and Nina Simone. I kind of have this dream to someday sing at some jazz club in Chicago or New York but at the moment the best I can do is a local bar downtown where the audience racks in at an attendance of about six. Nothing gets me like singing some good ole jazz; so soulful and blue.

When it comes to books, I'm a sucker for classics. I could read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier repeatedly without it growing old. Last time I checked I had read it nine times! I also find myself checking out Great Expectations by Charles Dickens consistently from the library. It's about time I just bought myself my own copy.

To be completely honest I'm not a big movie watcher. I have an ever growing list of movies that I need to watch but it seems to just keep getting longer and I'm not helping by never turning on my TV. The last movie I believe I watched was Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof".

catholic church oral sex Next place you want to travel to:

teen big tits strip Believe it or not I've never been to the big and bustling city of New York; the city that never sleeps. As a lover of fashion and street wear I feel as if I'm missing out by never visiting the fashion capital of the US. It's rare that I can go out and just roam the streets here in Ohio to see true street style that inspires and that is unique. I'm dying for a visit to the Big Apple and all the shopping possibilities I'm sure it offers.

beautiful japanese porn star What is your personal favorite outfit on LOOKBOOK by you, and by another member?

sucking and fucking porn My favorite look on LOOKBOOK by myself, with much debate, would probably have to be my 7 inch cock porn look. I was pleasantly surprised and horribly pleased about the brown accents in the outfit and how they somehow managed to all match perfectly. Plus the t-shirt I'm wearing was horribly soft and comfortable.

I actually browsed through every look I hyped just to make sure that this choice was certain. One of my all time favorite looks by a fellow Lookbook member is latinas free porn video by Lina L. and the runner up was definitely free adult sex flash by Carolina E. Both looks have this sort of mens-wear-gone-gone brilliant vibe to them.

fake celebrity sex stories What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

daddy sex with son Ignore and break any sort of fashion rule you hear. Know what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel like a million bucks - once you know this, wear it and rock it. If you like what you're wearing, show it. A bit of confidence makes any outfit work.


Rayane A.
"Ignore and break any sort of fashion rule you hear."
I like this.
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Mario P
i enjoyed this.
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Am Y
The colours on her fotos are amazing
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Linnea Maria
Oh I constantly break the black and brown rule, too. I never understood it!
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I always compliment Crystal.. good style.. good photography .. shes doing it .. good read
Crystal Wood
thank you
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Cosmia O.
ha, you look like you could be my best friend
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Samantha Smikle
Love her fashion advice. So true, confidence does wonders and wear what YOU love!
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Mike Madrid
i love her style! =)
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Alec Herdz
u know i love you
Crystal Wood
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Kirstin Cooper
you're inspirational, and your story when you were little is exactly the same as mine! xo
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Frederique Marlène Kragbé
Love ur style!! its so personal
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Nikele Tiner
You are an inspiration to me!
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帆 王
I love
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