I focus more on transporting people somewhere with poetry, rather than simply on the look itself. I feel like everyone can understand a visual — so I’m here to make them feel a visual through more of an emotional context instead.

Tell us a little about yourself, and how you ended up where you are now.  
I’m a passionate artist and fashion blogger from France. I first began to share my looks on Lookbook because I wanted to join a community that was just as passionate as I am about fashion. After a few years, I felt the need to share more of my creativity through writings I had once kept secretly in a journal by sharing them on a blog, alongside my pictures.

What are some of your main passions?
I have been playing around art all my life. I love drawing, writing and taking auto-portraits (or portraits) of people. It's wonderful to capture a moment, or an emotion, from someone, or someplace. It’s photography, a drawing or an experience transcribed on the page. This is where I gravitate, mostly because it simply feels right inside and it makes me leave the bed with new motivation every day.

What were some of the greatest challenges and accomplishments in your journey?
The biggest challenge for me as a blogger was to send messages to brands for a chance to work with them. At the very beginning, I felt like a beggar. Since then, I've switched my perspective on things and now see the worth of what I have to offer. I'm here to do my best to create something unique for the people I work with, and provide some magic to those that support me everyday.

I don't want to feed people with products — I’m here to have fun and awaken people's souls. I believe every step is a beautiful accomplishment, and I feel very fortunate to have met all of these wonderful collaborators. I have learned a lot these past few months, about myself and my abilities, all thanks to the love I receive everyday.

If you could share 5 invaluable tips, what would they be?
1. Stay true to yourself.
2. Do not be afraid to share your true self with your web family — people have a need to connect, and to see your depth. 
3. Be inspired by others, but do not copy them. Sharing your own content and looks is what's going to make you beautifully unique.
4. Be kind and supportive when you negotiate with brands. You need to build a trusting relationship with them and show them your talent. But also respect yourself enough to not accept brands that condense you, and kill your creativity. Working with pressure is not necessary.
5. Explore! If you just started to model, I recommend you get out of your comfort zone and begin challenging yourself with a higher level of maturity and quality in your work.

What camera do you use to shoot? Any favorite locations or backdrops? 
I use a Canon 80D for my pictures and videos, and generally shoot in the French village I live in. That's a big plus because I rarely have people passing by, allowing me to work peacefully, and travel around by myself with a tripod.

What are the photography tools you can’t live without? 
To retouch my pictures, I only use Photoshop and rarely take pictures with my phone (I prefer having everything stored on my computer), so I always take my canon 80D and my tripod when I need to shoot something. I also bought softbox lights a few weeks ago to achieve better lighting when I record my Youtube videos, or when I shoot indoors.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration mostly comes from people I stalk... on Instagram. It can also come from plenty of other things: a painting, a movie, a picture, a writing, nature, opening my wardrobe... everything! 

Describe your personal style.
I am an orphan when it comes to style, and don't see myself sticking to any particular one. I would feel condensed in a style identity, and that is so not fun to me.

What are your 5 must-haves for this season?
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Favorite color of the moment?
My favorite color to wear is definitely black.

Who are your favorite style influencers? 

If you could collaborate with any brand, which one would it be?
I would love to collaborate with the Korean brand Style Nanda. Korean fashion has been a big inspiration of mine for years and this brand is definitely a mix of all the styles I love to wear.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Every day is pretty much the same for me. I spend 10 to 12 hours working on my Youtube channel, or looks. I'm always creating something and feel fortunate to be able to do what I like — and evolve — in this creative environment.

What is your morning beauty routine? 
I’m a huge fan of organic products without harmful chemicals so I mostly use handmade skin and hair-care creams without sulfates, parabens, and other evil components. Doing so has resulted in major differences for my sensitive skin and scalp. I particularly love the skin cares from milla jovovich naked pics and black girls eat pussy.

As for makeup, I love mineral eye shadows since they are less dangerous and 2x more pigmented than big brands in general. For the rest, I generally try popular products or those recommended by expert cosmetic influencers.

What are your favorite recreational activities to partake in during this time of year? 
Meditating and doing fitness have been my favorites activities to explore. I'm more in tune with my body and my spirituality, and it also helps to inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.

Any travel plans you’re looking forward to?
I would love to visit Korea and go to London but I still don't have plans. I'm mostly a spontaneous person, and travel when I feel like it.

What are your favorite summer destinations?
My favorite place to visit every year is Portugal. My parents have a house in the mountainous area and I love how peaceful and relaxing the environment is. It's immensely grounding and helps me to recognize what is most important in life, what I need, and what I want to do.

I felt like I took big decisions for my future when I chose to invest in this little paradise — and it’s always a pleasure to return because it feels like home.

Any exciting projects you are working on right now? 
I’m working on a secret video project with a Disney theme at the moment so I’m excited to share it in the next fews weeks (hopefully)!

I also have a lot of creative concepts I am planing to realize for my pictures and videos.

What’s the most unique thing about your blog?
What I think is a little unique about my blog is the fact that I focus less on the look itself, and more so on transporting people somewhere with poetry. I can talk for hours about why I wore this look, but I feel like everyone can understand a visual — so I’m here to make them feel a visual through an emotional context instead.

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I was an art student so I’m good with a pen in general. I actually share a lot of my drawings on Instagram, particularly on my story.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Possibly in a peaceful house with my own creative studio and nature all around (the artist’s dream).

What’s your mantra?
Don't let anybody dictate your life. You're the master of your own piece of art.


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